Ann Coulter, Politics, and Sheep

Ann Coulter wrote a piece the other day regarding her dislike for soccer, only she didn’t simply share her dislike for the sport, she stated that America hated soccer. Did she take a random poll and tally the results thus concluding based on percentages that America, as a whole hates soccer? On the other hand, did she just give her opinion and clump all Americans together as a herd of sheep?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to Ann – her tongue and cheek satire often gives words to the thoughts in my head. However, upon reading this article, I found myself disappointed in the fact that she treated Americans like sheep and in ignorance, grouped herself into such a category.

I know, you’re wondering, “why sheep?”

Sheep are known as a flock animal and their natural inclination is to follow a leader. In addition, sheep have a tendency to congregate close together. Sheep, much like humans, vary in breed and subgroups – what humans call race and stereotypes, and within the flock is a dominance hierarchy. Such hierarchy within the humans is known as patriarch and matriarch, or the further we go up in politics “the arch of asses”. Yet, the fewer the sheep the less probability there is a leader. [What’s this, sheep thinking on their own – appalling!]

Ann Coulter has rightly earned her position within the dominance hierarchy – she undoubtedly has worked hard to get where she is today. That being said, in such a position one has not the right to abuse such power. Those things we absorb, by whom we choose to absorb from, influence the mindset of an individual, but what occurred from this posting by Ann is a reflection of an uneducated speculation while attempting to demoralize other humans.

In a nutshell, the game of soccer originated in Rome, fled to Greece, and was reformed in England. To state that hockey is more exciting because there are fights doesn’t make it any more of a sport when in comparison it’s nearly the same only with different variables. Yet, what bothers me most is the attempt to make the sport about liberals, labeling soccer moms as liberals while implying a sport isn’t a sport unless African-Americans are playing  – a socialistic bamboozlement, to which I’m disappointed.

What Ann has done is given her uneducated opinion about a sport to a group of people, who are likely to be just as uneducated about the sport, causing the flock to buy into an imposed belief that somehow this sport is left sided thus rallying the right side into attack mode. We have now stereotyped soccer moms, soccer kids, and sports and shuffled them into the political world based on a ball that is defined by no hands.

Sheep following sheep leading sheep following sheep.

What happened to the days of either you like a sport or you didn’t, no political agenda needed… or wanted. Are we so desperate to divide our country that we forget those team players come together in unity for our entertainment? Must everything be political? Where is the simple pleasure of watching a sport, yelling at a dumb move by a player, cheering on our team, without having to stereotype it as a liberal or a conservative game?

By the way, I don’t care for soccer… or basketball, but if my kid wanted to play either, I’d be there with bells on cheering loud and proud.

One more fact – while Ann mentioned football, repeatedly, as the most watched, loved sport, she failed to mention the second most watched, loved sport… NASCAR – now there’s a sport that is all about the left. (That’s a joke, son!)

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Active Peace

In the 1980’s, I was given a bookmark that I keep in my bible. On it is my name – Penny. Below that it reads,


“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” ~ Matthew 5:9

At the time, I just thought it was cool to know what my name meant however, as I grew older, I found myself not so happy with the definition – how (un)cool to be the peacemaker. Yet, how many of us, already grown, find ourselves in a constant battle of being unsatisfied, whether it be socially, economically, physically, or even ideologically – wanting more… wanting to be like another…

when in reality – YOU MATTER.

Since that time, I attend a Bible study in the mid to late 90’s, where we were each had to write what each person’s name meant to us – I, too, keep that in my bible. I don’t know how many women wrote on my index card that day but what they told me my name meant to them has been an encouragement. The index card reads,

 Penny = vivacious, leader, beautiful, friendly, fun-loving, a helper to others, loving, honest, energetic, a life giver.

In recent years, say the last four, I have embraced the fact that I am a peacemaker. I fight for the underdog – most of the time. I have instilled in my daughter that we all have a voice that matters, without it nothing changes – every voice matters, whether I agree or disagree, we are entitled to our opinions… use your voice. I am an activist. And while I am a firm believer in grace, I also believe that we reap what we so – poetic justice.

The other day, I found myself intimidated by another. It was a political matter, of course, which has my full attention these days. The person stated that they didn’t like how people disagreed with someone but still said they liked them – how can you like someone that goes against what you feel is right.

I said nothing.

Voice = Zero

In addition, later that evening I found myself posting statements that as a person of faith I would never say to another – it was attacking the person not the issue.

How is that being a peacemaker?

A few months ago, I met with my pastor. I really only met to discuss one thing however we covered many topics. In our discussion, I shared with him my thoughts on justice, as one that lives by faith and as a minister. His response was, “It’s a lonely road and many will not agree… but be encouraged…” (Paraphrased – my pastor has a way with words that makes me giggle and respect him, yet leaves me unable to duplicate them.)

Today I read an article he wrote on what it meant to be a peacemaker, specifically within politics – I encourage you too to read it.. PLEASE READ IT. (click here) I am thankful for the reminder – getting me back on course, and I encourage you to determine in yourself if you are going to fight the issues or the people, for they are not the same.

As for me, I am Penny Lane – Peacemaker!

Just for fun –  “active peace” is an oxymoron but would you say a “Conservative Activist” is a paradox or an oxymoron? Or both?

To learn more about this peacemaker and how I operate, please read, “If you don’t know me by now…

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